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Trade way is a company working in F & B with an experience over than 5 years in water bottling in Egypt and UAE, recently we started our studies on Mini markets retail business in UAE expanding it to Egypt launching BBB (Blueberry Basket) mini retail markets. The mission of BBB Markets is not focused on the groceries that the company sells or services that it provides. Rather, BBB focuses on how the company does business and the way that it interacts with its customers and communities.

We offer

  • Outstanding Value In Our Prices...
  • High Quality in All Our Groceries...
  • And Friendliness in Our Service...

So That Our Loyal Customers And Their Families, the dedicated members Of BBB "Family" Of Employees, and The Communities We Are Privileged To Serve, may all share amazing experience.”
We are dedicated to delivering safe, healthy, premium-quality groceries and supply assurance using a diverse, grower network with highest safety standards. Trade Way is launching its first branches in New Cairo within weeks of preparations

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